Nicola & James, Capture Your Moments News

I knew this was going to be a special day when i had a little chat with Nicola over plans for James. It was a top secret plan and very hard for everyone to hold in. At Thornton hall i had to disguise what was going to happen during the ceremony and only a very few people knew from Nicolas family. We had to have a practice and this was the time we had to let James know about the secret plan. So as we let loose the secret it became known to only James for the practice and lo and behold a lady brought some very beautiful owls in to the room, wow, they looked super. James had to practice with a huge glove on his hand and the birds flew to him down the isle, it was amazing!! Then onto the ceremony, the look on family and friends faces when the birds turned up and flew the rings down the isle… It was super!! I caught the birds in slow motion and it looked great on their DVD. The afternoon and night swung into action with bucking broncos and all kinds of great games. What a day!! Enjoy your new venture Nicola & James.

Please feel free to view Nicola & James trailer in our video gallery at


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