Paula & John, Capture Your Moments News.


This was one of those days that i had to really go for that timelapse look at the beginning of the trailer after seeing the church at my location wrecky a couple of days before.

It took a while to set up and wait for the right time for the winds to blow a certain way and just before i was ready to pack up and go home ready for the next big days filming with Paula and John, the wind changed for the better for me and hence great footage of the clouds going past the church.

This look is popular with the way i do things, b ut i try not to overdo the effect as it becomes a little monotinous. The effect can be done both ways, so speeding footage up or taking photos every 10 seconds for 20 minutes. This is then edited a certain way to get the effect with a little colour grading ion post production.

The day went so smooth and Paula & John where so cool!! The church was beautiful and quaint in a little village up in Ormskirk… Good luck Paula & John.


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