Beth & Ian, Capture Your Moments News.

Well what a day this was, our first day using our new equipment, the new DSLR 60ds and a mark 2 5d cameras. These cameras are superb in everyway!! They give more of a film look to our footage and we as a team can interchange with lens to give a special look. If you look at the trailer closely, you can see in some areas looking at the bride and groom, or the dad and best man in church we have blurred the background so the attention is on the subject! This is what they call the film look in the trade and if you go back to the times you go to the pictures and watch a film, you see this look often so its a true reflection of a proper cinematic film. This gives a great edge above our competitors who just use ordinary camcorders. We are now thinking more  like a cinematographer rather than videographer. Along with our other equipment our work is now emulating a film you would normally watch on tv or the big screen. As always we aim to carry on with our knowledge and keep striving ahead to keep up with the times, more so with our American friends who class a wedding video the most important part of their wedding day. The day goes so quick!!! How can you not have it filmed!!!!



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