Danielle & Barry, Capture Your Moments News.

Our team couldnt wait for this day!! It was always going to be a pleasure filming at the most famous church in Liverpool, St Peters in Woolton village, Barrys local church. This church has a lot of history and most famous for its fame with the Beatles members attending most weeks when they where kids growing up waiting to be top stars..

The church did not disappoint in its historical name, with the features in the church absolutly beautiful.

When we viewed the churrch a couple of days before our wedding shoot, we decided to use both sets of movement equipment, our Slider and Glidecam hd 4000. This decision was going to give us some special shots for Danielle & Barrys DVD.

Luck would have it!! The weather was amazing and gave us a chance to work with Barry & Danielle in the local park opposite the church..Danielle & Barry where cool to work with and Barry was a load of fun and gave a superb cartwheel in front of our cameras which was great as it meant he was relaxed and getting ready for a hard party over ast the suites hotel. Great day overall and our team wish Danielle & Barry all the best for the future…




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