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Natalie Ann Brides!! One of those companies i love working with!! My links with them are excellent. Everytime i film a wedding or a photography shoot, it amazes me how wonderful their service is and the dresses they sell are magnificent… My cameras love their colours.

The thing with Natalie Ann Brides is that, ( they like me ) keep up to date with the latest trends and are very modern in their approach. They are very open minded in everything they do, and not like some bridal wear shops i know!! that just want to take your money and run with no after service, Natalie Ann go out of their way to please everyone with their lovely nature and low sales talk.

I suppose this is why they are known as the leading bridal wear shop in the North West.

Many times when im working on the special wedding day film or photographs, i get nothing but compliments about Natalie Ann Brides.

Always as a gesture i find myself turning up at events like this one, where Natalie Ann Bides exhibit their new collections for mens wear, bridal wear and bridesmaids wear. I love to do this in my own time as a gesture for them.

I found myself today just snapping away at some of their new collection of dresses and mens wear. I must say their collection is getting better and better.

Here are some photos of the day…


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