Capture|Your|Moments, Dillons Photo Shoot…

As a photgrapher & videographer, there are times when your asked to use your creativity and you think ahhhh, remember last time!!. My inner self always makes me plan ahead all the time and remembering my last childrens portrait shoot where things did not go to plan! I was ready.

So turning up at Natalies house the first thing i said was where was Dillons favorite resting place in the house, as soon as i said those magical words, Dillon jumped up on the kitchen window ledge, (with help from mum of course).

Little did i realise over the years taking photos of children, that they where never comfy & still! and the photo shoot used to last for hours on end! Why?? Because i used to plonk the children on a settee and expect them to be still in a place where they where never comfy. Now the first thing i say to mum and dad, whats their favorite place in the house… Job done. I think Dillon never moved for an hour.. well done Dillon… Brilliant i say, bring on the next one… Easy peasy….


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