Capture | Your | Moments Latest Teaser Trailer, Danielle & Gary.

What a wonderful day for filming. Beautiful weather, great people and venues. As you can see all the venues are stunning and filled with so much natural light, which lit up the 60d and made post production so much easier.

Danielle and Gary are a lovely couple. They were so laid back and welcoming, which made us relax and enjoy the day a lot more. From the morning prep at the house and throughout the day, nothing was too much for them.

We as a videography team try to be as unobtrusive as possible. We also take this approach with our photography. We try not to direct too much and allow the day to flow and capture those intimate moments rather than stress the bride and groom.

As always music is so important in post production. Obviously if something captures the imagination we’ll go with it, but we’re currently moving away from the more traditional songs, mainly for copyright reasons, and using a lot of ambient instrumentals, which we hope adds to the drama of the occasion and hits the right romantic spot.

The lovely couple are currently in Mexico and we’ll be sending them the trailer to enjoy on their honeymoon in anticipation of their full DVD and highlights.

We hope you enjoy Danielle & Gary.


5 thoughts on “Capture | Your | Moments Latest Teaser Trailer, Danielle & Gary.

  1. John Price

    Steve. I would like to thank you and the staff for the way everything went on Danielles wedding day and your absolute professionalism that you brought to this prestigious event. Even the trailer had me welling up and cannot wait to see the whole day. Thanks agan and it was a pleasure to have net you. Best wishes

  2. Danielle Gray

    Steve. I am so pleased. This is totally stunning I cant stop watching it!!! I am so excited to see the full DVD. You and your team were outstanding. I am so glad you were our videographer, I will be telling everyone who I know is getting married to go with you. I cant thank you enough!!!!!

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