Capture | Your | Moments latest, Vicky & Ray,

The day started at Vicky’s house. She’s a lovely girl and very bubbly which is perfect for that natural footage. We got the best bits for our story and then moved on to some creative and experimental shots.

On to the church filming the groom and his entourage and the guests. After the bride’s arrival we rushed quickly inside and set up for the all important aisle shot. The ceremony ran smoothly and it was back outside to capture the newly weds, who looked amazing together.

Quick drive over to our regular haunt Isla Gladstone and some nice creative shots of the lovely couple in the grounds.

After everyone had been fed we went through our usual speeches routine. This can be a nerve wracking part of the day but the groom took it in his stride and was funny and emotional.

Some nice footage and angles of the beautiful cake.

Another glorious day in our busy calendar, filled with lovely people and stunning venues. We wish Vicky & Ray all the best for a wonderful future. Roll on next week to Formby Hall.



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