Capture Your Moments latest Chelsea + James…

Our team was in full swing again for our busy 2013 calendar. Chelsea + James where a brilliant couple full of love and excited for their new future together. The day went super smooth and we really enjoyed this emotional fun day. The sun stayed out on the gorgeous couple and the day soon passed the couple by, the DVD does come in handy when the day goes quick, well done for booking our team well in advance Chelsea. Your unique bespoke DVD is one to watch for the rest of your lives… Funny on that note my wife at Natalie Ann Brides had a call the other day from a disgruntled customer!! In anger she said to my wife “why did you not force me to have Capture Your Moments to film our day” because we tried but you said no to video, jeeez I would be a rich man for every bride who wishes they had their day filmed after the event. Well done to my 37 brides this year for being smart brides….



Sequence 01.Still001

Sequence 01.Still002

Sequence 01.Still003


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