Capture | Your | Moments latest, Sarah + Anthony…

The rain kept away despite the forecast so that was a good start. We arrived at the morning prep in good spirits. The beautiful house was bustling with humour and excitement. Sarah, though, was taking it all in her stride.

We started with some nice slide slots of the dress, from Natalie Ann Brides, then on to Sarah’s make up and preperation. She was all smiles and let us direct, which we know can sometimes be stressful for the bride on the day, but she was a star. Once the important stuff was done we concentrated on building our story and got some funny and natural reactions.

Arriving at the church in Port Sunlight the sun appeared and we filmed the coachloads of guests arriving from Liverpool and Newcastle (and the pub). We then moved inside and captured the groom and his entourage. The venue was stunning, though the light wasn’t great, but the results were fine. One of the perks of our job is filming magificent historical buildings and this was no different.

The ceremony ran smoothly then it was outside for the mingling and guest shots and then onto the reception in the Marriot hotel in Liverpool. After everyone had been fed we set up for the speeches. Everyone spoke well and there was plenty of laughs and quite a few tears.

The photographer, Steven Rooney, who was a pleasure to work with, then took the lovely couple out to the magnificent St Georges Hall so we tagged along and got some nice flowing glide shots with the city as the backdrop.

With everyone happy and relaxed it was time to cut the cake and film the first dance. We were in a confined space but managed to find to excellent angles, and the light for once wasn’t an issue.

All in all another fantastic day. Sarah and Anthony are a lovely young couple and we hope they have a great future together.



Capture | Your | Moments Latest Teaser Trailer, Danielle & Gary.

What a wonderful day for filming. Beautiful weather, great people and venues. As you can see all the venues are stunning and filled with so much natural light, which lit up the 60d and made post production so much easier.

Danielle and Gary are a lovely couple. They were so laid back and welcoming, which made us relax and enjoy the day a lot more. From the morning prep at the house and throughout the day, nothing was too much for them.

We as a videography team try to be as unobtrusive as possible. We also take this approach with our photography. We try not to direct too much and allow the day to flow and capture those intimate moments rather than stress the bride and groom.

As always music is so important in post production. Obviously if something captures the imagination we’ll go with it, but we’re currently moving away from the more traditional songs, mainly for copyright reasons, and using a lot of ambient instrumentals, which we hope adds to the drama of the occasion and hits the right romantic spot.

The lovely couple are currently in Mexico and we’ll be sending them the trailer to enjoy on their honeymoon in anticipation of their full DVD and highlights.

We hope you enjoy Danielle & Gary.